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Businesses & consumers, most never even consider using any lighting different from the standard light bulbs, floodlights, security lighting etc. that they’ve been using for such a long time. They’re easy, cheap, and in general, they do what is required – why fix it if it ain’t broken? ...is what most people think. Well, that is, until they make the smart move to Osleder LED lights which has the latest, innovative LED technology.

People are aware that the innovative LED light technology can be used to brighten work & living space, providing users improved product lifespan. And the most obvious of benefits is the reduction in running costs as the output wattage is considerably less than traditional lights.

As it happens in most cases, after using the LED Lighting for several months all of the Customer’s enjoy a range of advantages that go beyond what they initially thought. They usually prove to be much, much better than advertised. With the increased lifespan, the customer does not have to replace the bulbs, fittings as often as they used to.

In addition, LED Lighting are astounding efficient in reducing your electricity costs.

Osleder LED is one of the smartest and most power saving illumination solutions available on the market. Besides that, if you are environmentally conscious you’ll be happy to know that the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination today is an LED-based light bulb.

You can expect:

  • Long Life – fully operational time expectations up to 50,000 hours.

  • An energy efficiency of 80% - 90% compared to standard light bulbs.

  • Completely free of any toxic materials and 100% Eco Friendly.

  • No UV Emission – perfect for lighting any UV sensitive objects.

  • Operational in Extreme Conditions – extremely low outdoor temperature, freezer room? No worries, LED Lighting will work as usual.

  • ROHS & CE Certified

  • IP Rated for Industrial Use

  • Efficient Light Dispersement – able to deliver light with more effectiveness to the specific location.

  • Very Low Voltage – Need to use the lighting outdoors with nothing but an external solar energy source being connected to the lighting? No problems, LED Lights can work efficiently with very low voltage.

It’s also worth understanding the unique benefits of top quality LED Flood Lights and GU10 LED Bulbs are just 2 products that we specialise in supplying:

LED Flood Lights / Tri-Proof / High Bays

As one of the best sources of bright white light that beams out at a very broad angle, LED flood lights are perfect for warehouses, theaters, playgrounds, and stadiums. Besides offering premium longevity, energy friendliness and heat emission reduction, LED Flood Lights are also perfect at delivering low maintenance and replacement costs, high safety, and brightest white light possible.

GU10 LED Bulbs/Downlights/Ceiling Lights/G4/G9

GU10 LED Bulbs are the most in – demand light emitting diodes for general lighting in apartments and houses for a good reason. Besides delivering top quality illumination combined with reduced electricity consumption, Osleder lights also provide you with the widest color range choices, flexibility, longevity and safety of all LED Bulbs.

You’d be crazy not to take advantage of them!

And that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the qualities of the Premium Osleder LED. Osleder delivers straight to your doorstep in the most convenient, quality and affordable manner.

Experience a whole new level of quality when it comes to the LED Lighting you’re using daily and enjoy a premium customer service, most rigorous dedication to the highest quality standards and the best quality – price ratios on the market.

At Osleder Limited, we pride ourselves with our history of challenging conventions and moving boundaries.

As one of the most innovative, quality and affordable supplier and wholesale in the Ireland market, we remain firmly committed to our primary goal of pushing the threshold of what is perceived as “possible” in Light Build Supplying & distribution field and challenging the conventions related to:

  • Providing you with the Highest Quality LED Lighting.

  • Delivering premium Service at the most affordable Rates.

  • Transcending the Traditional Methods of Light Bulb Supplying.

  • Generating new ideas and strategies.

  • Finding better & more effective solutions.

By doing business with us, you can enjoy an absolute peace of mind coming from being assured that your supplier has the capability of satisfying even the most demanding of your LED Lighting needs and providing you with unmatched quality in the most reliable, efficient and professional manner.

If you intend to get solely the best and highest quality LED Light that will provide you with a up to 50,000 hour guarantee, unmatched quality, consistent performance and extraordinary reliability – you are at the right place! OSLEDER LIMITED has time and time again proven its expertise by providing you with the highest quality LED on the Irish market.

So if you are looking for the best LED supplier, you are knocking at the right door – because we are always on the lookout for excellent clients!

Our Inspiration is shared by every single member of our dedicated team, and we are always ready to serve you and your specific needs.

We firmly believe that work should be both fulfilling and highly effective and that the two are inseparably intertwined. We are decisively dedicated to aiming for the top, always striving to do better and surpass ourselves – for the benefit of every single of our clients, because your success is our success.

Be a part of Osleder's future with us!

Osleder Partners

Osleder has partnered with Electricians and contractors throughout Ireland, offering FREE Energy Saving Reports for your customers to show them the benefits of choosing to do business with you and making the smart switch to LED.

Osleder Ireland has supplied County Councils and National Authorities with great success, we have a warehouse in Cork, Amsterdam & Copenhagen with access to over 4 million in stock on any given day.

Our Team

We have a light design team so if your customer has a specific demand we can meet it. We also have a highly qualified team of engineers who can accompany you to help close large deals in your name, all offered to you as a Thank You for being our customer. When you buy from Osleder you are choosing to create a relationship that is built on being mutually benefit to you, your customers and the Osleder team.

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